Car Parking In Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis Parking

All the car parks in Lyme Regis are listed on this page and presented in general order of size (excluding the Park and Ride option).

Parking in Lyne Regis is generally a problem, OK in the winter but in the summer you need to be in town by 10 a.m. to find a place. It can get very busy.

There are a few hints and tips about each car park, and also an idea on where you might be able to park for free.

General Parking in Lyme Regis 

Cobb Gate Car Park Lyme Regis

With around 1,300 parking spaces for a town with a population of just over 3,500 you would think parking in the town would be a simple affair. It is not.

Those that live on the fringes avoid going in to the town in the summer or, if they really want to go, get in very early in order to find a space.

Lyme Regis is a magnet for tourists and as such every parking space is often gone by 11 a.m. The town positively heaves in the summer.

If you want to visit get in early!

Parking Permits and Season Tickets

Free Parking In Lyme Regis

Perking Permits And Season Tickets

There are a lot of houses in the heart of Lyme Regis which do not have anywhere near them to leave a car so the owners (or visitors if a holiday let) have to buy a ticket to park in one of the car parks, where the most popular for this is probably Woodmead Car Park as it is nearer the town centre. For this reason it seldom seem to be empty.

Taking this car park as an example, and as an indication, for a residents permit it is £175 per annum, for a non-resident £335 (maybe somebody who works in the town?) and if you are buying it for a holiday home to let your guests use it it is £670.00. (Correct 2020)

You can read more about Parking Permits on the Council Web Site

Is is also possible to get season tickets to park in Holmbush and Charmouth Road Car Parks. See this page for more information