Charmouth Road Car Park Lyme Regis

  • This car park can be found in the east of the town on Charmouth Road (A3052).
  • The car park is designated "Long Stay" and has a post code of DT7 3DR.
  • It has the location code of 6317 if you are planning to pay on your phone.
  • Charges apply daily to 6 p.m.
  • Electric vehicle re-charging possible.

Finding Charmouth Road Car Park

Charmouth Road Car Park Lyme Regis

This car park is the first one you come to when heading in to the town from the East, which, it could be said is the best way in to town anyway. 

Leave the A35 at the large roundabout where is meets the A3052 near Charmouth. Take the A3052 towards Lyme Regis (and not towards Charmouth) where this road eventually becomes Charmouth Road.

After a little over one mile you will start to enter the town and the car park may be found on the left hand side. 

The first entrance is for coaches etc. the second is for cars, commercial vehicles and cars towing caravans. 

This is probably the most popular car park in Lyme Regis and as such gets very busy at certain times of year.

It is the only car park to the east of the town and the easiest to get to by car from the main A35.

How much does it cost to park at Charmouth Road Car Park

Charmouth Road Car Park 2021 Charges

The Car Park is operated by Dorset Council, as are more of the car parks in Lyme Regis. 

The cost to park is £8 for the day and there is a sliding scale up to this point. 

1 hour £0.50
2 hours £2.00
3 hours £3.50
4 hours £4.50
6 hours £6.00
All day £8.00

It is slightly cheaper "off season" (Nov-March)

There is no height restriction on the entrance.

From here it is a fairly steep walk to the town centre.

More information about the car park

Charmouth Road Car Park Lyme Regis Machine

The car park is open twenty four hours a day and parking is free at certain times, notably evenings and overnight (see picture above). 

The car park has areas for coaches, campers and larger vehicles including, in the commercial section, cars towing caravans. Different charges apply for certain vehicles. 

You have to enter your registration number to purchase a ticket.

No overnight camping/sleeping.

The Car Park has 386 spaces.

Solo Motorcycle parking is free and there is a designated area for bike parking near the entrance by the main road which must be used, or charges apply.

Disabled badge holders must pay at the normal rate. 

There are two spaces for electric vehicles.

There are toilets on site near the entrance.

Getting in to The Town from Charmouth Road Car Park

Charmouth Road Car Park payment instructions

There are two ways in to Lyme Regis from this car park. 

Head up to the main road, turn left and walk down the road in to the town. The pavement swaps sides of the road and in places is very narrow. This is a busy road but traffic tends not to move too fast on it (and frequently gets "log-jammed!). This option would be best if pushing a pram/wheelchair. Distance is a little over 600 yards. 

The other option is to go to the very back of the car park and there you will find an exit and a footpath leading quite steeply down to the seafront. It is in effect a very long ramp with the od step in it but at the very bottom, is a flight of stairs. 

Once at teh seafront turn right and walk in to the town along the seafront, the total distance is around 750 yards.

General pictures of the car Park