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Cobb Gate Car Park Lyme Regis

  • This car park can be found in the centre of the town near the traffic lights on Broad Street (A3052).
  • The car park is designated "Short Stay" and has a post code of DT7 3QR
  • It has the location code of 6319 if you are planning to pay on your phone.
  • Charges apply every day to 6 p.m. (then free to 8 a.m. the following morning).

Finding Cobb Gate Car Park

Cobb Gate 2023 parking charges

This car park is right in the heart of the town near the bottom of the main high street and new to the traffic lights, on unsurprisingly, Broad Street (A3052).

As you enter Lyme Regis from the west on the A3052 go down the hill and through all the shops and the entrance can be seen to the right just as the Rock Point Inn comes in to view ahead. 

Coming from the east drop down in to the town and go through the traffic lights. Soon after the lights you will pass on your right some public toilets and the entrance to this car park is opposite.

As with all the car parks in Lyme Regis it is a popular place to park, and this one is the best for a level walk in to the town and on to the sea front. 

Maximum stay 2 hours but free after 6 p.m. 

This image shows 2023 charges

How much does it cost to park at Cobb Gate Car Park

For CARS: Time (Up to)
30 Minutes
One Hour
Two Hours

The Car Park is operated by Dorset Council, as are more of the car parks in Lyme Regis. 

More information about the car park

Cobb Gate Car Park Lyme Regis Payment Machine

There is no height restriction on the entrance.

This is a handy car park for a short visit to the town, if you can find a space, which usually you cannot.

The car park is open twenty four hours a day and parking is free at certain times, notably evenings after 6pm and overnight (see picture above). 

No overnight camping/sleeping.

The Car Park is handy for a night out or a visit to the nearby theatre.

The Car Park has 17 spaces and as such is the smallest in Lyme Regis.

Solo Motorcycle parking is free and there is a designated area for bike parking near the entrance which must be used, or charges apply.

Disabled badge holders must pay but get an extra hour added to their payment, so by example pay for one hour and stay for two (correct 2022) - check signs locally at the time. 

You must enter your full vehicle registration plate to get your ticket.

Cars and motorcycles only, no campers etc.

Cobb Gate Car Park oddities

Cob Gate Car Park Lyme Regis

The car park is right in the centre of the town. 

It is tiny and several spaces are marked out for "Blue Badge" parking. If you are looking to make a short visit as it is so easy to get in, round and out of it again it could be considered worth a look, but the chances of finding a space are remote. 

Blue Badge

Also there is a "road" leading off it down the seafron with Double Yellow Lines down it. Those with a Blue Badge can park along here for free for 3 hours (against the wall). You need nerves of steel to do a three point turn to get back out again! 

There is an attractive clock in the middle of it that forms a traffic island you can drive around to get out again!


Some general shots taken around the car park - click to enlarge and read as required.

Cobb Gate Car Park Lyme Regis 1
Cobb Gate Car Park Lyme Regis 2
Cobb Gate Car Park Lyme Regis 3
Cobb Gate Car Park Lyme Regis 4
Cobb Gate Car Park Lyme Regis 5
Cobb Gate Car Park Lyme Regis 1