Holmbush Car Park Lyme Regis

  • This car park can be found in the west of the town on Pound Street (A3052).
  • The car park is designated "Long Stay" and has a post code of DT7 3HX
  • It has the location code of 6320 if you are planning to pay on your phone.
  • Charges apply every day to 6 p.m. (then free to 8 a.m. the following morning).

Finding Holmbush Car Park

Charges for Woodmean Car Park

This car park is easily found being on the main A3052 road that runs through Lyme Regis.

As you enter Lyme Regis from the west on the A3052 and start to descent the hill you will see a rather grand building that looks like a tower with a pitched roof. (Coram Tower) . The entrance to the car park is just after the tower on the opposite side of the road.

If you are coming from Uplyme then at the top of the High Street as you enter Lyme Regis turn sharp right where the shops start in earnest and then look for the car park on the left near the tower.

Coming in from the east pass through the traffic lights in the town centre and up the high street. At the fork bear left, so staying on the A3052, and the car park is on the left just before the tower.

It should be noted that right next to this car park is Cobb Road that will take you down to Monmouth Beach Car Park and the very small and not always open Undercliffe (Private) Car Park.

How much does it cost to park at Holmbush Car Park

Holmbush Car Park Lyme Regis

The Car Park is operated by Dorset Council, as are more of the car parks in Lyme Regis. 

The cost to park is £8 for the day and there is a sliding scale up to this point. 

1 hour £0.50
2 hours £2.00
3 hours £3.50
4 hours £4.50
6 hours £6.00
All day £8.00

It is slightly cheaper "off season" (Nov-March)

There is no height restriction on the entrance.

There is a fair walk to the town from here, most of it quite steep

If the Park and Ride is operating it might be possible to get that bus to drop you off here.

More information about the car park

Holmbush Car Park Lyme Regis 3

The car park is open twenty four hours a day and parking is free at certain times, notably evenings and overnight (see picture above). 

No overnight camping/sleeping.

The Car Park is up a steep hill from the town centre.

The Car Park has 393 spaces, making it (just) the largest in Lyme Regis.

Solo Motorcycle parking is free and there is a designated area for bike parking near the entrance which must be used, or charges apply.

Disabled badge holders must pay at the normal rate. 

You must enter your full vehicle registration plate to get your ticket.

Parking for camper vans, cars towing caravans and coaches possible. 

There is no exit to the town or seafront from the bottom end of the car park, it enters in to a private estate of houses

Getting in to The Town from Holmbush Car Park

Holmbush Car Park disabled parking

You have two options to get in to the heart of Lyme Regis.

Walk up to the car park entrance and turn right. You can then either stay on the main road (Pound Street/A3052) and head down hill to the top of the high street or after leaving the car park turn right down Cobb Road and at the foot of this road turn left and walk along the sea front/promenade.

Be warned, the walk down Cobb Road is very steep, the walk down the high street is also steep but not quite as dramatic. 

If you decide to walk down Cobb Road on the right hand side of the car park (as you look towards the exit) there are pathways that will provide a short cut to the road. The whole of Cobb Road is around 500 yards long.

An alternative, but perhaps missing some of the seafront walk, part way down Cobb Road on the left you will see some entrances to a park area. This is an attractive walk down to the front but may involve some steps.

For a day out it is suggested walking down Cobb Road and back up the high street to your car, though your uphill walk back to the car is still steep.

You could get a bus from the exit to the car park down to the town centre and back, but the buses, 71 and X53 are not very frequent.