Lyme Regis Car Park Locations

The Car Parks of Lyme Regis in Dorset

All the car parks in Lyme Regis are listed below and presented in general order of size (excluding the Park and Ride option).

Parking in Lyne Regis is generally a problem, OK in the winter but in the summer you need to be in town by 10 a.m. to find a place. It can getvery busy.

There are a few hints and tips about each car park, and also an idea on where you might be able to park for free.

Holmbush Car Park Lyme Regis

Charges for Woodmean Car Park

With 393 spaces this is just the largest car park in the town.

Situated to the west of the town on the A3052 the walk from here to the town centre is very steep whichever way you go.


Charmouth Road Car Park Lyme Regis

Charmouth Road Car Park Lyme Regis

This 386 space car park is the busiest.  

It is the easiest to get to from the A35 on the Charmouth side of Lyme Regis. With easier access than Holbush as the walk is slightly less steep. 

As the name implies it is situated on the Charmouth Road / A3052.


Woodmead Car Park Lyme Regis

Woodmead Car Park Lyme Regis 9
250 spaces shared with Woodmead Halls Community Centre, a police station and a fire station.

Tucked away down some back streets you just might find a space here 


Monmouth Beach

Monmouth Beach Car Park | Lyme Regis

This 200 space car park is very popular offering a level walk to the town centre. 

As the name implies it is situated on the seafront down a small road off the A3052.


Pitt House Car Park Lyme Regis

Cobb Gate Car Park | Lyme Regis

This 70 space car park is towards the top of the high street in the right (heading up). 

The car park is monitored by cameras which record your entry and exit time. 

The charge per hour is greater than other local car parks.


Broad Street Car Park Lyme Regis

Broad Street Car Park | Lyme Regis

This is a 36 space short stay car park right in the centre of town. It is handy for an evening visit as parking is free after 6 p.m. but being so small finding a space is by no means guaranteed.


Undercliffe Car Park Lyme Regis

Undercliffe Car Park Lyme Regis

Very little is known about this small car park (around 25 spaces) which is privately run and close to Monmouth Beach car park. Price wise is is just a little cheaper than the council car park it is close to.

To find it head down Cobb Road
(See Monmouth Beach directions)

Cobb Gate Car Park Lyme Regis

Cobb Gate Car Park | Lyme Regis

This 17 (seventeen) space car park is very popular offering a level walk to the town centre. 

It may be found right in the centre of town near the traffic lights and opposite Broad Street Car Park. 


Park & Ride Lyme Regis

Park and Ride Car Park Lyme Regis

The dates the Park and Ride operates are shown on the linked page.

 It runs from the A3052 towards Charmouth, come in to town from the main roundabout off the A35. 

Its operation is dependent on a number of factors and so cannot be totally relied upon to operate but it is an excellent option if it is running.

The charges to use the service are also shown on the linked page.